Bengaluru Lockdown

Bengaluru Lockdown extension in the state till June 7


Bengaluru Lockdown extension in the state till June 7.


  • Lockdown again for 14 days
  • Corona is not getting out of control in the villages
  • Corona Unlock Locked Up In Urban Area ..?

Bengaluru News: In the state, Lockdown Is an extension again. The 2nd stage lockdown will last 14 days. The lockdown is in the state until June 6 at 6 am.

The lockdown rules, which are now in effect, will continue until June 7. The masses can only buy essentials from 6 am to 10 pm Cm Yeddyurappa has announced.

He held a news conference in Bangalore on Wednesday and said that people are moving around the city after 10 am. Lockdown rules are not strictly followed. He said the police department has been instructed to take stringent action in this regard. BSY has appealed to the people to take extra care as the Covid situation in the state continues as before.

Yeddyurappa, who informed that the lockdown has been extended as recommended by the Disaster Management Committee, said that the meeting was worried about increasing coronavirus in the villages. BSY, fearing an increase in infections in the city after the lockdown was cleared, said the lockdown would continue until the infection in the villages had subsided.


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