Bengaluru Lockdown

Bengaluru Lockdown News: Lockdown Hardship – Police vs. People Conflict, Vehicle Foreclosure


Bengaluru Lockdown News: Lockdown Hardship – Police vs. People Conflict, Vehicle Foreclosure.


  • Police vs. People at Lockdown
  • An altercation between the police and the people
  • Many vehicle foreclosures, tightening of roads

Bengaluru News: In the wake of the decision to curb the lockdown, which has been implemented to control the Kovid, there has been an ongoing dispute between the police in Bengaluru city and the masses who have been out on the road. Purchasing of essential equipment is allowed until 10 am. However, the police are investigating the expired motorists.

At 9.30 am, police are instructing Mike to close shop fronts. After 10 pm, roadside motorists are being investigated and their vehicles are being seized. At the moment, there are disputes between motorists and police.

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Some give reasons to get out of the house to vaccinate, others to give other reasons for marriage. But when the police put up replays, people questioned it. They are protesting the police action.

A total of 1488 vehicles have been seized and 184 NDMA cases have been seized, including 1308 two-wheelers, 77 three-wheelers & 103 four-wheelers, during a curfew in Bengaluru city on Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. Police are still searching for vehicles on Monday.

People’s traffic has increased in places like Seshadripuram, Mysore Circle, and KR Market. Most people are leaving the house for the necessary reason. Some people buy into the market and go home and get into the hands of the police for a delayed reason. People are complaining that the police are taking action even though the people justify their actions as to why they need to walk down the street


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