Bengaluru Lockdown

Bengaluru Lockdown, Success of Lockdown first day in Bangalore.



  • 14-day lockdown; Most of the commercial traffic and vehicle traffic in Bangalore
  • Road, flyovers bund, barricade hockey inspection; Vehicle foreclosure of unwanted outsiders

Bengaluru: On Wednesday, the first day of the 14-day lockdown for Kovid’s control, most of the city’s commercial and vehicular traffic was shut down.

Citizens who had purchased the necessary items later joined the house if it had been relaxed for four hours. Traffic and law enforcement police have barricaded all flyovers in the city. Only one side of the main road was left to traffic. On some roads, traffic on both sides was turned off. Motorists asked the driver to get out. It was left only to those in essential services and those who were exempt.

Busky on the road
The vehicles were found in violation of the curfew and the police registered a case. The unidentified motorists were dispatched by policemen on the road to the bus.

Lockdown The Kempegowda bus station was overflowing with buses and passengers on Tuesday morning. As the trains were moving, the passengers at the train station were as usual.

The number of passengers traveling to the outer state and towns remained high. Due to a 14-day lockdown, wage workers were returning to their hometowns. After 14 days, the condition of the workers was left behind as they were not sure of normalcy.



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