Bengaluru lockdown

Bengaluru lockdown, What’s the first day effect in Bangalore? Here’s the information



  • 14 days lockdown for covid control
  • First day lockdown effect in Bangalore
  • Bangalore covid Lockdown

Bengaluru: The state government has issued a 14-day lockdown to control covid, which has been well received across the state, including Bangalore. In the wake of the lockdown, the purchase of essential items was allowed for 6 to 10 hours. After this the curfew-like Lockdown Enforcement.

Lockdown is allowed even for industrial and building works. In the wake of the lockdown, workers are unable to move to remote areas without proper arrangements in the wake of the lockdown.

The rest of the industry is allowed to work. Employees are allowed to leave if the working company’s ID card is shown.

Some of the BMTC buses have been provided with access to essential services in Bangalore. The rest of the hotels are open and only parcels are allowed.

At 9 pm the policemen who made a road bundle!

The government allowed the purchase of essential commodities from 6 am to 10 am but there was an incident where the police had blocked traffic at 9 am. The incident took place at the headquarters of JC Nagar (Munireddy Palya) and the public expressed outrage against the police.

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The move by the police, which has full public traffic, has caused problems for those who buy vegetables and leave home. People have expressed outrage at the police action.

The rest of the lockdown has been successful throughout the city. But people are worried about the future because of the lockdown. Lockdown has caused woe to auto drivers and day laborers.



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