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Bengaluru News: Air pollution Reduced 60% in Bengaluru


Bengaluru News: Air pollution Reduced by 60% in Bengaluru.


  • The backdrop of vehicle traffic and building works
  • Less than 60 percent of pollution
  • Pollution Control Board figures are solid

Ravikumar Hills
Bengaluru News:
Impact of vehicle traffic, road and building works, and factories in the wake of the lockdown in the state for corona control Bengaluru Air pollution in the city has decreased significantly.

After the first week of May, the January curfew, and subsequent lockdown enforcement and widening impact, most of the traffic was stopped. All the factories have been shut down except for the activity of the required factories. Air pollution in the city has decreased by 60 percent since the first week of May (during the lockdown), according to the Karnataka Environmental Pollution Control Board.

Air pollution has risen in the East of Lockdown in Bengaluru. The air quality was extremely poor with vehicle traffic, factories poisoning smoke, building and road works. Thus, asthma sufferers, respiratory and lung problems were the problem. Now the pollution is low and the air quality is good. Air quality dropped from 80 to 110 in February and March (Air Quality Index), down from 30 to 60 in May.


The Air Quality Index (AQI) fell to 59 in May on the BTM layout. As such, the air quality here is satisfactory. The AQI, which was 92 in March near the College of Veterinary Medical, fell to 27 in May. The AQI at Majestic’s Kempegowda railway station, which was 87 in March, fell to 49 in May.

In March, the AQI was down to 31 in May from 99 in Bapujinagar on Mysore Road. The AQI fell to 43 from 84 in March near the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of the Bombay Gowda. The AQI, which was 89 in March near the Silk Board of the HSR layout, dropped to 37 in May, the AQI at the Sangergoravanahalli Natural Reserve fell to 36 in May, and the AQI dropped to 23 in May, with good air quality. Also, Read This: Bengaluru headwinds in the rainy season: floods in 209 areas.

What caused the decline?

Nearly 600 lakh vehicles, including 6,000 BMTC buses, roamed the city in the east of the lockdown. Nearly 500 BMTC buses and tens of thousands of private vehicles are on the move after the lockdown. Only 3 percent of industries are open in the city. Building and road works have also been stalled.

The birds flying again with fresh hair

The number of birds in the city has increased as pollution drops. Many have shortness of breath. But after the lockdown is over, there are fears that air quality will decline and pollution may increase. People should be aware of this and ensure that the air quality is maintained by doing environmentally friendly tasks without necessarily using the vehicle. Said Alim.


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