Bengaluru News: Bangladesh Group Arrested For The Inhuman Action.

Bengaluru News: Bangladesh Group Arrested For The Inhuman Action.



  • A case of mass rape and atrocity
  • The arrest of Bangladeshi nationals including a woman
  • The incident took place in Ramamurthy, Bengaluru
  • A video that went viral on a social networking site
  • People who thought it was an event in a northeastern state

Bengaluru News: A case of sexual harassment in what is supposed to be an incident in a northeastern state has come to light in Bengaluru. Massacre of a Woman in the City of Ramamoorthy Nagar in the City Rape Six people, including a woman, have been arrested in the case.

Two of the six accused were shot in the leg by police as they tried to escape the crime scene. The accused were taken to the scene of the crime at around 5 am on Thursday morning to recreate the incident. In that case two of the accused tried to escape. It was then that the police were forced to shoot Bengaluru Eastern Division DCP Sharanappa SD said.

A video of six men brutally torturing a woman was viral on a social networking site. This led to severe outrage in North East India. A woman from Nagaland committed suicide in Rajasthan. Many on the social network wrote that the video was the same event. But the woman in this video is a woman from Nagaland Assam The police had made it clear.

The origin of the video was also discovered. It is shocking that this is the case in Bengaluru. The video is said to have been shot six days ago in Bengaluru.

The group hails from Bangladesh and the victim is from India through human trafficking. The victims have been assaulted during a financial dispute. She is now in a different state and a team has been sent to arrest her. A statement will be filed before the magistrate as soon as she is found, police said.



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