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Bengaluru News: ‘Bed is in 5 minutes’ call from hospital after 8 hours of coronavirus death!



  • Coronavirus death in Bangalore without bed
  • Calling hospitals throughout the day is not a bed system
  • Eight hours after the woman died, the hospital said there was a bed

Bengaluru: The government and BBMP don’t have a bed problem in Bangalore. Oxygen In the midst of making a statement that there is no shortage, there is repeated evidence of a lack of bed and oxygen in Bangalore.

Now a woman from Kammanahalli has died without proper bed and treatment. Yes, Corona was confirmed Tuesday by a woman named Regina of Kammanahalli. Despite the symptoms, there was no serious problem. This background was treated at home.

But the next day Regina suffered from shortness of breath. Furious families immediately rushed to the hospital. He made a continuous call to the hospital and inquired. He has also called on the Government Help Center. But in one day, the bed, the oxygen was not arranged. There was no bed at all. An ambulance is not even arranged.

Regina has died from getting the treatment at the right time. Eight hours after Regina’s death, the family received a call from the hospital. The bed is located within five minutes. The families were in pain because they had no bed when needed.

Doctors said there was a bed shortly after his death. Corona infection is on the rise in the state. The situation in Bangalore is beyond normal. There are reports of people dying without bed and oxygen.



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