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Bengaluru News: Inaccessible partial lockdown, Increasing rate of infection rather than control ..!



  • In the mornings, as usual
  • Guidelines Rule People who wind up
  • There is no traffic jam

Bengaluru: The number of cases and deaths in the country is increasing day by day, as compared to the outbreak of a severe curfew.

People continue to gather rather than follow the rules when buying markets and groceries during the four hours of the morning. The police have no control over the people as they are exempt from certain activities.

People who abuse the government’s exemption to buy milk, fruit, vegetables, and groceries do not follow the Kovid rule. Importantly, the market for the purchase of essential items is leading to increased rates of infection.

The government has provided groceries, fruit, vegetable, dairy products, fish, meat, wholesale and flower markets at 6 am to 10 pm for the people to get their daily commodities The crowd looks as usual at the event. There is no shortage of traffic.

There is no mask, no physical distance. People do not follow voluntary precautions. Although the Kovid Guideline applies to wholesale and open fields instead of the market, there is no benefit. In the mornings, as in the normal days, people walk in the morning on lockdown.

Garments and industries are exempted from dealing with the financial position of the poor and middle-class people. The sanctioned effect of the bank, insurance office, and ATMs was partially offset by activities. Thus, the state government’s lockdown decision does not appear to have been taken seriously by the people.

The police’s soft attitude: The role of police personnel is crucial in the implementation of governmental law at the local level. The police department has failed to do this. There is no break in people’s travel. Failure to specify gap in crowded spaces.

It is difficult to check all those who are traveling on the road as certain activities are permitted. But the unwanted walkers are being tracked. Police officials say the tightening of the checks can irritate those who go to treatment.

“Lockdown can reduce the number of infected people if they follow the guidelines in public places. “I will give directions to the authorities,” said Health Department Commissioner Trilokachandra.



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