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Bengaluru News, Increasing Coron Infection In Children ..!



  • Test for coronavirus in children: a doctor’s advice
  • Vomiting, irritability, and fatigue are also characteristic of covid
  • Most cases of hospitalization are reported in the second wave of Corona

Bengaluru: The number of children infected with Covid is increasing in the city. Coronavirus is also characterized by vomiting, nausea, and severe fatigue in children. An increasing number of Covid positive cases in children has caused anxiety in parents.

During the first wave of coronavirus, children were isolated at home in the majority of cases where coronavirus infection was low or nonexistent. But in the second wave of Corona, the situation is different, with more cases requiring hospitalization. As of Sunday, 640 children had confirmed Covid positive.

’25 to our hospital in the last three weeks Children Enrolled. Most Covid patients did not need hospitalization in the first wave of Corona. But the present situation is unprecedented. Covid positive confirmed children have vomiting, fever, and severe fever. But no one’s chest Infection Not seen. Do not use remedy-like drugs for the treatment of children. They are responding to conventional treatment, ”said Dr. Krishnan, director of pediatric children’s specialty hospital. Reddy said.

“Parents are covid positive and if they are treated elsewhere, it is very difficult to treat children like that. Children need to be left alone by their parents. We are treating all the children in a large hall. Nurses are always there to help the children. At present there are 10 Covid positive children in our hospital, two of whom are receiving oxygen therapy, ”said Dr. Krishnan, Head of Pediatrics, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bannerghatta Road. Said Prakash Wemagal.

“More than 20 Corona-positive children were hospitalized in the last week of April. Most patients were discharged from the hospital and returned home in 4-5 days depending on the cure. He was admitted to the hospital 4-5 days after the onset of vomiting and onset of coronavirus, ”Dr. said.

‘Parents can get children infected by them. Parents should not embrace children without washing their hands after they go outside. Children become infected and infect grandparents, grandparents, and those close to them. One child can quickly get infected with another. This is because children do not maintain social distance between them and most do not wear masks. On the other hand, in most cases, parents do not test Covid for their children. Children should be screened for Covid as soon as they see coronal symptoms, ”said IMA National President Dr. Srinivas S. Advised.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of vomiting or vomiting: Three Corona-positive children, including a four-year-old child, have been admitted to the city’s Kims Hospital. Doctors at Kim’s Hospital have warned parents not to ignore the symptoms of vomiting and pain in children.



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