Bengaluru News: Successful Vaccination in the Western Region of Bengaluru: DCM Aswathanarayana

Bengaluru News: Successful Vaccination in the Western Region of Bengaluru: DCM Aswathanarayana



  • For 1 lakh people over 45 years of age, the first dose is complete
  • DCM Aswathanarayana, which has urged the BBMP to go home with a voter ID
  • BBMP West Zone Status Overview DCM Aswathanarayana

Bengaluru News: In the western sector of the city, one million people over 45 years of age Vaccine The first dose of the vaccine campaign will end successfully, said Deputy Chief Minister of State Covid Task Force, Dr CNN Ashwatthanarayana.

Friday in Bangalore BBMP After reviewing the West Zone Covid status and vaccination progress, he told the media that 80 per cent of the population had already been vaccinated and 20 per cent would have to be given only 1 lakh citizens.

The Malleswaram, Govindaraja Nagar, Dasarahalli, Yashwantpur and Chamarajapet assembly constituencies are in the western region with a total population of 23.72 lakh. Of these, 4,78,836 are over 45 years of age, 80% of whom have been vaccinated DCM Aswathanarayana He gave the information.

There is a lot of vaccine available in this category. BBMP officials have been instructed to go home and raise awareness about vaccination. He said it was strictly mandated to keep the electorate in check and vaccinate everyone.

Meena-Aries Can’t Count: The staff is not counting Meena-Aries on vaccination. Allocated vaccine should be given on the same day. If there are no people in the area, you should go to the adjacent vaccine center. The authorities have been instructed not to shake hands for any reason. No one should miss the vaccine. DCM Aswathanarayana stressed that this is the only solution to avoid a deadly infection.

Vaccination is loud for 18 to 44 year old frontline activists and priority groups. Those who are no longer vaccinated should come and receive the vaccine immediately. Also, the DCM Aswathanarayana said that they have been informed by the BBMP that
At the second dose, 80% of the population is still not vaccinated. They have not been vaccinated as the central government has increased the dose gap. All of them will be given the same date as the date when they should be vaccinated. They cannot be vaccinated for any reason. We have no vaccine shortage. No matter how many people come, they will be given. Also, DCM Aswathanarayana replied to a query that the second dose recipient would also have a mobile message & call.

“We are looking at the situation in the coming days and are considering vaccinating with BBMP at booth level,” he said. There is no shortage of vaccines for people over the age of 45. He said 18 to 44 year olds need more time to vaccinate.

Rajendra Cholan, Special Commissioner of Policies and Health, PP Pradeep, Secretary to the Deputy Chief Minister, Basavaraj, Commissioner of Western Region, Ujwal Ghosh in charge, Joint Commissioner Sivaswamy were present. All assembly constituencies, nodal officials attended the meeting.

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Black Fungus Drugs worth Rs 40 crore: The government is concerned about the black fungal disease and the state government has ordered the purchase of medicines worth Rs 40 crore three days ago. The supply of those drugs has also started from Friday, DCM Aswathanarayana said.

There have been 800 reported cases in the state so far. In addition, there are about 700 cases. Yet the government is buying large quantities of drugs. So there is no need to worry, ”he said.


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