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Bengaluru News: Television maker died by Covid who lives in Tekki for months


Bengaluru: There was an atmosphere of excitement in that house. If you have a month left, think Tekki Sagar Hasemane should rise and move to marital life. But an unseen creature called the virus has devoured Sagar’s life. Sagar, a software engineer by profession, was rushed from the hospital to save his life. Hired to find a ventilator. But before it gets to that, the Sagar prankster is gone.

The 28-year-old Sagar AG, a resident of Nagarabhavi, was in June in the spirit of a corporate arrest. But the excitement at his home for the past 15 days has faded into fear, sadness, and tension. It eventually became a mourning situation.

Sagar’s a. On the 12th the sick appeared. The report came back negative when Covid tested it in a private laboratory. But two days later the fever and chills intensified. After consulting the doctor, he suggested having a re-examination. This time there was a report that they were positive. Five days later, BBMP officials called and received information about their health status and advised them to stay home.

But due to excessive fatigue and diarrhea, his condition worsened. He was taken to a nearby hospital and underwent a CT scan. They have pneumonia. Sagar’s Akshay told reporters that the doctors told him to immediately register with the ICU.

After repeated attempts since April 21, and after calling for about 30 hospitals, the Sagar family has been unable to find an ICU bed and a ventilator. Sagar’s health continued to deteriorate.

His friends also appealed for help on the social networking site. Visited various hospitals. At each hospital, there were at least four patients waiting for their turn to receive a ventilator. Attempts by his family and friends to keep Sagar alive have been unsuccessful. On April 27, the pandemic virus killed Sagar.

The horror of the Covid-19 Second Wave brings many heartbreaking events every day. Covid, who had initially been victimizing the elderly and the health-conscious, is now worried about the removal of young and healthy lives.



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