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  • The people who carry the Janata curfew
  • People who are busy!
  • Strict lockdown is the only way out ..?

Bengaluru: People Curfew It’s called Culture Lockdown, Corona marijuana carpet bed ..! People don’t take this curfew seriously ..! A nationwide 12-day janitorial curfew has been announced by people who have moved from Bangalore to Huttur, where the coronavirus spread.

As a result, more than 50 thousand cases were reported in a single day in the state. In particular, Bangalore has 23 thousand new infections in a single day. The death toll is also on the rise. Young people are also susceptible to the virus. At this point, the entire lockdown has begun again.

The government has implemented the Janata curfew in the hope that life is important and life is important. As part of this, the storefront will be open from 6 am to 6 pm. School, college, gym, public transport, etc., are few and far between. And, this relaxation is a boon to Covid.

On the one hand, there is a fear that people may have to pay a financial compensation package if a full lockdown is imposed on them. At this stage, people are not learning a lesson. Containment zones don’t even do a seal down, as Corona did in the first wave. People too have lost their seriousness. Despite all the deaths, young people are not making the registration process to vaccinate ..!

The commodities are still in the early morning hours, though they are allowed to buy essential goods from 6 am to 6 pm. Forgetting the social gap. The coronavirus When it is proven that it can spread in the air, Corona can be lonely in the house, leaving it alone in the street. Even with the nose closed, the masquerade is not immortal ..

We are somehow our society. We are somehow our heroes. The coronation of the coroner’s death has not been serious to the citizens, but only the democrats expect this seriousness ..? In the midst of examples of some black people making money in Corona, honest workers have come up. As a result, the cry for a complete lockdown has been heard unequivocally.

At this stage, we need to be careful not to say anything new. Governments, media, people leaders, and celebrities have been conducting awareness lessons for the past year. A couple of lines of this lesson are enough for people to start taking care of ..!



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