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Bengaluru headwinds in rainy season: floods in 209 areas


Bengaluru headwinds in rainy season: floods in 209 areas.


  • Chief commissioner urged to take precautionary measures
  • Instructions to clean the sink in the hedges
  • The most sensitive and sensitive areas were identified

Bengaluru News: When it rains in the city Flood BBMP chief commissioner Gaurav told hidden officials that 209 sensitive and sensitive areas have been identified and necessary precautions should be taken to avoid any hazard.

Speaking at a virtual meeting on Tuesday with concerned officials on preparations for the hazardous hazard of rain, he said: ‘209 sensitive and sensitive areas should be warned against flooding. Clear the silt in the canals and make the water flow smoothly. ‘

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‘All kinds of precautionary measures should be taken to avoid rain hazards. Maintenance of water should be avoided. Identify the areas where the water stops on the ward roads and take action without causing any problems. On the other side of the road, garbage, sticks, and sludge filled with sewage should be cleared. ”

Shield and tractors should be installed in the ward lot and cleared of debris and sidewalks. Control rooms must be active. Temporary control rooms shall be established immediately in sub-divisions. The tractor, crew, equipment, and pump sets must be ready. In addition to the 21 teams for the clearance of trees, an additional 7 teams have to be temporarily deployed.


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