Bharat Biotech Interest, Invitation to Other Companies for the Production of Covaxin



  • Lack of Covaxin vaccine nationwide
  • Insist on other companies to allow production
  • Production by other companies tends to increase
  • Production is only possible in BSL3 labs

New Delhi: Others on vaccine formulas already in use in India Vaccine The central government has come forward to implement the demand to increase the production of covid vaccine by partnering with manufacturers.

The coronavirus In the wake of vaccine deprivation CoVaccine Through central government and Hyderabad in order to increase vaccine production Bharat Biotech The company also wants to invite other companies said policy committee member, Dr. Kapoor. VK Paul stated.

However, he stressed that the vaccine can only be produced in BioSafety Phase 3 (BSL3) labs.

“People are saying that they should be able to produce the coaxial vaccine to other companies. I am pleased to say that they welcomed this when we discussed this with Bharat Biotech. This vaccine inactivates the living virus and should be produced only in BSL3 labs. It is not available at all companies. We offer an open invitation to companies who want to conduct production. Companies wishing to produce CoVaccine should work in conjunction. The center will help increase capacity, ”he said.

About one-third of the 45-year-old population is now vaccinated. 88 percent of those aged 45 and over are fatal. So you can imagine how the vaccine has reduced the risk of death in this population.



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