Big B Amitabh Bachchan, who bought 50 oxygen compressors from Poland

Big B Amitabh Bachchan, who bought 50 oxygen compressors from Poland


The terrible situation has been caused by Covid-19 in the country and many are helping the relief work. Some cinema celebrities have even joined hands and are doing their best. Bollywood’s Big B Amitabh has donated Rs 2 crore and has made life-saving for the country by buying oxygen concentrators from abroad.

Many have objected that celebrities are not helping even in hardship. Many were outraged against Amitabh. Bored of this, Amitabh Covid replied by giving a list of his help during the hardship.

2 crore for the fight against Covid-19. Amitabh Oxygen and Ventilator are helping with the donation.

Amitabh has purchased oxygen concentrators from Poland. He told me to arrange oxygen concentrators from a different source. It has now brought life insurance to the country by buying it from Poland.

Amitabh has a special relationship with Poland. Amitabh is a city that honors the father, famous poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Now they have brought oxygen from the same city to India.

The mayor of Wroclaw, Poland, has held talks with the ambassador of India and ordered 50 oxygen concentrators. Amitabh wrote about this on his blog and my friend and the Indian Ambassador in Wroclaw, Poland asked for help when there were no quick sources because of the urgent need for oxygen. You immediately ordered 50 oxygen concentrators.

These concentrators will arrive on May 15th. My sincere thanks to all who helped. Already 20 ventilators have been ordered, 10 of which have been delivered to BMC Hospital. The remaining 10 ventilators are expected to arrive by the end of this month and will be delivered to a different hospital.


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