Black fungus treated like cancer ..!

Black fungus treated like cancer ..!


Black fungus treated like cancer ..! Expensive but not difficult: Double Shock with Corona!


  • Need help from at least 8 different disciplines
  • Health problems with steroid use
  • Black fungus is like cancer

Bengaluru News: Covid Disinfectant Therapeutic use of the steroid is difficult to treat due to the fatal ‘black fungus’.

According to the doctor, it cannot be treated by other doctors like other diseases. At least 10 skilled doctors need to be treated simultaneously with eye, neuropathy, throat, brain specialists, and infection specialists. Also called black fungus, this black fungus is like cancer. It is difficult to tell when and how it spreads and how it turns out, according to expert doctors who treat it.

‘The treatment is not only costly but also very complicated. All doctors need to get together and treat. Otherwise, it will be difficult to manage patients, ‘said Dr. UTS, a cancer specialist who works in such a specialized team at HCG Hospital. Vishal Rao.

No equipment: ‘Moreover, there is no equipment to treat this black fungal infection, but it is now impossible to treat them. The equipment and machinery used in the field of medicine are being used, ”he said.

“Donors are getting help to treat this very costly thing,” said Dr. Vishal Rao.

Special ward at HCG: A special ward has been opened at HCG Hospital in Bangalore to treat Black Fungus patients. Known for its treatment of cancer, several innovative measures are being undertaken, including plasma therapy after Covid.

‘Black fungus is just as dangerous as cancer. It’s hard to say how this will react. Treating it is really challenging for doctors, ”said Dr. US Vishal Rao, Senior Physician, HCG Hospital.


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