BMTC increase ticket prices by 20 percent;  The scissors will fall into people’s pockets in Corona hardship

BMTC increase ticket prices by 20 percent; The scissors will fall into people’s pockets in Corona hardship



  • BMTC ticket price likely to increase by 20%
  • The scissors will fall into people’s pockets in Corona hardship
  • Minister of Transport who hinted at a hike
  • Write to customers to recover loss BMTC

Bengaluru News: The state government is going to write down the cost of bus travel for the people of the city who are baked in the second wave of Covid. Lockdown is becoming less and less the number of infected cases BMTC Ticket prices are likely to rise.

The public is worried about the increase in prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and essential commodities. The BMTC had in January proposed a 20 per cent hike in travel rates to the government. Minister of Transport Laxman Savadi They have hinted at a rate hike. The state government has announced that by 2020 F. With effect from midnight on the 25th, KSRTC increased the travel rates of the Northwest and North Eastern Transport Companies by 12 per cent. However, the BMTC did not approve the hike. Now that the rate hike proposal is in the chief ministers’ yard, the chances of getting approved are dense.

The rate hike after 7 years?
The BMTC, which is struggling with financial hardship, intends to make a recovery through the increase in ticket prices. 1 on 2nd February 2014 at Rs. The company, which has increased travel rates, will return in 2015. On 10, there was a decrease in the price of 15 steps. Later, the loss of BMTC was compounded by the rise in diesel, spare parts and staff costs. Against this backdrop, a proposal for a hike in ticket prices has been approved, but the previous governments have rejected it. February 2020 was not permitted. The corporation has been on the verge of financially bankruptcy due to the corona infection. Thus, there has been thought to raise the travel rate.

1000 crore loss from Corona:
In the east of Covid, the BMTC is operating at a cost of Rs 5 crore daily. Was earning income. Revenues have plummeted since the corona infection appeared, and losses have increased. The buses celebrated after the lockdown was cleared last year, but have never been able to return. Revenue fell to zero as employees went on strike to demand a pay rise. The second wave of Covid crashed as the bus stopped and bus traffic began. As a result, the losses continue to increase. Since the emergence of Covid infection, the organization has so far paid over Rs. Is a loss.

The government released the salaries of staff from April to November last year as the revenue was forged in the wake of Covid. From there, until March, the company paid its own resources. The government has now provided salaries for April and May. The economic decline of the BMTC began from 2012-13. 1350 crores at present. Bearing the burden of cumulative loss. 1807 crores in 2019-20. Revenue was Rs 2669.31 crore. Is the cost.

Constant diesel price hike, corona lockdown has left the company financially inadequate. Travel rates have not increased since 2014-15. Thus, the government has been asked to seek permission to increase travel rates by 20 per cent.

C. Shikha, Managing Director, BMTC

In the rate hike proposal review
BMTC has proposed a 20 per cent hike in travel rates. Transport Minister Lakshmana Sawadi said people were in distress from Covid and the rate hike proposal was being reviewed. The travel rates of the three corporations, excluding BMTC, were increased by 12 per cent last year. Of BMTC buses in that situation Ticket prices go up He said that it was not advisable to do so.


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