BS Yediyurappa notifies authorities on priority to prevent water leakage

BS Yediyurappa notifies authorities on priority to prevent water leakage



  • Strait water is preferred to prevent leakage
  • CM BS Yediyurappa Notice to Officers
  • Monitoring the progress of the activities of the Water Board

Bengaluru News: Percentage of Bengaluru Water Board 36% of water leaks Directed by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa.

On Tuesday, BSY inspected the work of the Bangalore Water Board. He also urged other cities to study and submit a report on the prevention of water leaks.

Chief Ministers met at the meeting on the precautionary measures taken by the Bangalore Water Board for emergency management during the rainy season.

Drinking water pipe installation works have been completed in 110 villages adjoining Bangalore and providing water to 51 villages. The remaining 59 villages will be supplied with water by December 2022. Officials informed that the drainage works in these villages are nearing completion. Also, Read This: BMTC increase ticket prices by 20 percent.

775 ML for the city. 5550 crores to provide additional water. The cost Kaveri 5th phase project is targeted to be completed by 2023. He explained that up to now, the works have progressed faster than the specified target.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister’s Chief Secretary, Dr. E.V. Rakesh Singh, Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development Department, Bangalore Water Board President n. Jayaram and another senior officer


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