Central government that issued last notice to Twitter: Ban policy

Central government that issued last notice to Twitter: Ban policy



  • Tough instructed to follow the IT guidelines
  • The government has warned of stern action if it fails
  • Is the Twitter company following the last notice?

Bengaluru News: The central government And Twitter The clash between the two came to light on Saturday. Twitter has issued a final ultimatum to Twitter, which has been stricken with compliance with the latest IT (IT) rules. According to the new rule, Twitter will face serious consequences if Twitter does not hire Indian-origin officials.

Last February, the central government set new guidelines for all digital media. The Center had directed them to comply with these new guidelines within 3 months. Although this deadline is set for May 26, Twitter does not follow the guidelines. The Twitter High Court has been up against the government’s rules, but the court has been adamant in keeping the ground. Twitter, however, continues to be stubborn in this regard.

Why the New Policy?
The new guidelines aim to make social media/websites more accountable for the news, photo, video, message they post. The Guidelines stipulate that every social networking agency should appoint low-level officials at the local level to expedite disputes and legal complications in India. But Twitter is not obeying it.

What does Twitter say?
According to Twitter, the new Act has appointed two resident officers and a nodal contact person. However, the government rejected the argument, saying that the two hired were not official employees of the firm. He also stated that his office address was not Twitter’s. Also, Read This: 43,000 crores India to build six domestic submarines.

Is the exemption returned?
“If Twitter continues to disobey the new rules, the government will withdraw its ‘exemption from accountability’ granted to a social network under section 79 of the IT Act-2000,” the IT department has warned. Social networking sites are protected under Section 79. This special section exempts companies from prosecuting companies based on the content posted there.

Venkayanayodu, Bhagwat Bluetick Trick!
Amid a conflict between the government and Twitter, the ‘bluetick (the sign that the account is official) on Saturday, many of the organization’s Twitter accounts, including Vice President Venkayya Naidu and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, disappeared. This sparked controversy. The issue made a huge noise on the social networking site. Twitter has clarified that Bluetic has deactivated itself for technical reasons after not using the account for more than six months.



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