Child trafficking

Child trafficking in Bengaluru, Be Alert Parents.

Child trafficking in Bengaluru, Be Alert Parents., illegal smuggling of children in the name of begging and selling of toys.

More than 720 children are engaged in toy sales and begging at 432 locations in Bangalore. Mafia controls 27 of the children involved in begging ..!

Bengaluru: The Karnataka State Legal Services Authority has cracked down on the illegal smuggling of children in the name of begging and selling of toys.

According to the High Court, a survey of children involved in the sale and begging of toys in the city’s various circles and streets was illegal. The survey also found that Vijayanagar’s Charu Charitable Trust, sexually abused children in addition to begging and selling toys.

The Legal Services Authority, which has compiled information on many such cases, has submitted to the High Court. There are more than 56 illegal child care centers in the city, which have recommended a thorough investigation.

A division bench headed by Suraj Govindaraj has ordered the government to form a special investigation team (SIT) to investigate.

Survey of Madhya Pradesh: Four children of Sarayu Charitable Trust run by Vijayanagara, CEO of Nagarathna, who was transferred to Bengaluru GP’s mid-afternoon hot spots, have reportedly returned to Madhya Pradesh.

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Karnataka, President of Karnataka Legal Services Authority The team led by Shashidhar Shetty contacted the Madhya Pradesh legal authority. When the authorities found the children, they were informed that they were being sexually abused in the city. Soon after, the authority members visited the Sarayu Trust in Vijayanagar and found out that the trust was controlled by 33 children who had been begging in Vijayanagar for 8 years.

What are the court directions?

  • Child welfare police officers shall be appointed at each police station
  • Report of measures taken to protect child rights under the Child Justice Act
  • Restructuring of organizations established under the Child Justice (Care and Protection) Act
  • Establishment of a Special Child Justice Police Unit
  • Training of members of Child Welfare Committees through the Karnataka Judicial Academy

More than 720 children found The court heard the plea and ordered the children’s survey.

The Karnataka Legal Services Authority has conducted a children’s survey with the help of BBMP and other NGO’s on the direction of the court. The report found that more than 720 children were engaged in toy sales and begging in 432 locations. Authorities have expressed fears that the Mafia is controlling 27 of the children involved in begging.

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