Corona is the hottest

Corona is the hottest ..! Oxygen Cylinder Collection At Home



  • Oxygen cylinder storage at home is wrong
  • Do not store cylinder as a precautionary measure
  • Coroner’s fears of illegal cylinders at home

Bengaluru: During the Corona period many film phenomena are being noticed. The selfishness, lust, and greed of the people have taken a deeper shape in this struggle for death.

Yes .. Oxygen Cylinder Take the idea. As soon as you know that Corona is infected, some people are clumsy Oxygen Buy and store cylinders at home ..!

A word to search for when you need oxygen. Audrey, people are so over-the-top that they may need oxygen soon after Corona is infected ..! Can you buy oxygen with money, and win death? Is it possible to change the rite? Above all, if the rich buy it and store it at home, will there not be a shortage of patients in need of an oxygen emergency? The big men who bought cylinders with greed and preoccupation are not the first cause of death of patients who are living without oxygen ..?

This is not the case. Jagadish Hiremath also made light on Twitter. He has demanded that he stop the practice of buying bulky oxygen cylinders.

Jagdish Hiremath, who said this is not only bad behavior but also illegal, has taken many precautionary measures in hospitals when storing oxygen cylinders. These measures cannot be carried out in their homes. Thus, he warned that disaster may occur.

If people need oxygen storage at home, they can buy oxygen concentrators or Type A cylinders and keep them at home, Dr. Nguyen said. Advised by Jagdish Hiremath.



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