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Corona Vaccine Booster Dose, Trial Starts, Bengaluru news

Corona Vaccine – Trial started to give booster dose to Corona virus. The trial has begun in Chennai and already 7 people have been taken the third dose of covaccine.

  • Corona Vaccine Booster Shot Trial Start.
  • In Chennai, 7 people have already been taken.
  • The trail will be held on a total of 190 people.

Bengaluru: Booster Dose – There are ongoing efforts to eradicate the fastest growing coronavirus infection across the country. Vaccination is the biggest step so far in these efforts. Vaccination drive is taking place on a large scale. The vaccination campaign has been giving high speeds since May 1st.

The corona vaccine is also being given to people under the age of 18. But before that, a major body of research is being conducted. Under this research, a trial is underway to administer a vaccine ‘booster dose’ to the corona virus.

What is the purpose of giving a booster dose?

According to a report published in an English newspaper, on Monday, 7 people were taken a third dose of Covaccine, a coronavirus vaccine. This is called a booster dose. By giving this third dose, a person’s body is being tested for whether or not the immune system develops for a long time.

190 people on the trail

7 people who were taken the third dose of covaccine at SRM Medical College and Research Center in Chennai were given the second dose vaccine 6 months ago. A total of 190 people are being vaccinated under this research. According to Dr Satyajit Mohapatra, the lead researcher of the research, those who were given the third dose included those aged 18 to 55 years. He is being monitored for his health for the next 6 months. Their blood tests are done every one month, three months and 6 months apart. After this, they said their immunity would be tested.

DCGI permission

It is noteworthy here that on April 2, a panel of experts from DCGI approved Bharat Biotech to give a third dose of Covaccine to some volunteers in the Covid-19 Vaccine clinical trial.

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