Coronation Crisis

Coronation Crisis: India, Britain, Israel, Germany Behind India!



  • Everyone’s support for the covid crisis in India
  • Britain, Israel, Germany, France
  • The US said it would supply raw material

New Delhi: Corona’s second wave of crises has drained a great deal of international support for India. The US has promised to provide the necessary medical equipment and raw materials for vaccine preparation.

Several countries, including Britain, Israel, Germany and France, stand behind India. Britain 140 Ventilator, 495 Oxygen Said the dispatch of equipment. Israel, Germany and France are also in the process of providing the necessary medical equipment.

In the meantime, the UAE has done a lot of work to reassure people who are infected with the infection. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, has been supported by the laser light raising the tricolor of India. The UAE Department of External Affairs tweeted with a 23-second video of the tricolor flag building on the ‘Strong India’ hashtag.

That means we’ll give the raw material America!
The US says it will immediately supply the raw materials needed by Indians to prepare the Co-shield vaccine. The US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the United States is in solidarity with the people of India and that we are allocating more resources and resources to India.



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