Coronavirus Decrease in Bengaluru: More than 10,000 beds empty

Coronavirus Decrease in Bengaluru: More than 10,000 beds empty



  • Decrease in enrollment of infected persons in hospitals and care centers
  • Some caregivers are worried about closing temporarily
  • Most of those infected tend to home care

Bengaluru News: The number of Covid cases has dropped significantly in the last few days. Due to the low number of patients enrolled Hospital, Over 10 thousand beds in care centers are empty. Three quarters of the 3,209 beds furnished in care centers are empty. BBMP is concerned about temporarily shutting down non-infected centers as maintenance costs are rising.

The second wave of coronavirus infection, with the number of new cases crossing the 20,000-mark, has led to a shortage of beds in government and private hospitals. In effect, those in need of emergency treatment had a problem. Many died without finding a bed. Against this backdrop, Covid care centers were increased. However, the number of patients enrolled here is low and most care centers are empty.

As the second wave of Covid emerged, Covid opened care centers and arranged oxygen beds, leaving hundreds of people dead from respiratory problems. However, the government and the poli- cies increased the number of care centers when the number of infected cases decreased. Thus, there are no patients admitted to treatment. The number of newly diagnosed cases every day in the city is not crossing the 4,000 mark. The number of active cases has also come down to 1.43 lakh. The number of healers is increasing.

2,403 bed vacancies in care centers: Eighty percent of newly diagnosed infections are undergoing home care. As a result, general and oxygen beds in Covidi care centers are not filled. A total of 3,209 beds have been set up in 60 care centers across eight zones of BBMP. There are 1,839 common and 1,370 oxygen beds. But, the filling is only 806.

In these centers, 443 doctors and 324 nurses were assigned to treat the infected. In addition, there are 208 marshals and 330 Group ‘D’ employees. 102 ambulances have been deployed. Doctors, nurses, and other staff are out of work as the number of infected people is reduced.

8,433 beds available in government, private: There are 13,388 beds in government and private hospitals for the treatment of Covid infected people. Of these, only 4,874 beds were filled.

“As per government orders, 50 per cent of the beds in hospitals are earmarked for treatment of the infected. At present most of the beds are empty and cannot be used for the treatment of patients suffering from alien disease. The government is paying the cost of treating the infected people as recommended by the BBMP. No money is paid for the remaining beds. It said it would charge 25 per cent for empty beds. But, so far, we have not given up.

Stepdown centers also shut down: Private hospitals, in partnership with hotels, have set up 1,304-bed capacity stepdown care centers. Here too, more than 1,100 beds remain vacant.


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