Coronavirus Found In Water

Coronavirus Found In Water: Coronavirus detected in water, sample collection for a test.

Coronavirus Found In Water: Coronavirus detected in water, sample collection for a test.

Coronavirus Found In Water – in the SGPI lab has been found to contain virus water. The sample was obtained from the drainage of Khandra Rukpur, Ghanta Ghar and Machhali Mohalla in Lucknow.


  1. The huge uproar from coronavirus detection in water.
  2. Corona detection at Drainage Water in three areas of Lucknow
  3. PGI Lucknow informed the ICMR and WHO about this.

Coronavirus Found In Water – The backdrop of the Coronavirus Second Wave, all state governments are trying to bring this tide under control. Meanwhile, an outbreak of coronavirus has been discovered in Sewage Water in the northern capital of Lucknow. PGI of Lucknow has tested this water sample. The coronavirus is confirmed to be present in the water. According to Dr. Ujwala Ghoshal, Head of the PGI Microbiology Division, the Sewage Sampling Program has begun in the country through ICMR-WHO. Under this, samples have also been collected in Uttar Pradesh.

Surgical water from the SGPI lab confirmed the presence of a sample virus. He claimed that samples of drainage water were collected from the Rukpur, Ghantaghar, and Machhali Mohalla areas of Lucknow’s. The drainage water of the entire Mohalla region falls together. The specimen was tested on May 19 and the coronavirus was found to be present in the drainage model of Rukpur. This has been reported to the ICMR and the WHO and is currently the primary study, Ghoshal said. He said that a long study will be conducted on this in the future.

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The virus can reach the feces from the sewage

Dr. Kapoor, who gave more information on this. Ujwala Ghoshal, a study of PGI patients was heard days ago. At this point, the feces of feces were introduced into the water. It is now being estimated that the virus may have reached the sewage from the feces of patients suffering from coronavirus. Another research study reported that up to 50% of corona patients pass from the feces to the virus.

A study of water infaction

Through the Sewage the water reaches the rivers. However, it is still pending to research how dangerous it would be to the general public. Ujwala Ghoshal said.

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