Covid positivity rate

Covid positivity rate reached 55% in Bengaluru



  • Increasing Covid Positivity in Bangalore
  • Active cases crossing three lakh
  • The government that reduced the amount of covid tests

Bengaluru: In the city Covid 19 The situation is worsening day by day. The all-time high of 55 percent on Monday was positive. On Tuesday it was down to 33 percent. Active cases cross the three lakh borders.

There were 20,870 positive cases reported in the city on Tuesday. 137 had died. In some hospitals, Oxygen Deaths from deficiency continue to rise. Many more important Covid hospitals Lack of beds sent patients off the register as well. On the other hand, the supply of covid vaccines is less than 10 thousand per day.

The average number of Covid cases in India is reported to be 20,000 by the time it is decided to reduce the number of daily Covid tests from one lakh to 40,000 / 60,000.

Officials and political sector analysts have been keeping an eye on how widespread the double mutant virus has become in recent weeks. But in fact, the search for ICU beds and oxygen is doubling the suffering of Covid positive patients and their families.

“It’s bad for anyone in Covid in Bangalore,” said a man who lost his 44-year-old brother at home three days ago in a vain search for an ICU bed.

The helpline receives 4,500 calls every day. Of these, 1,500-1700 cases are related to hospitalization. About 500-550 calls are about the ICU bed and the ICU ventilator, sources in the health department said.



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