Covid trauma: the extermination of families in rural areas

Covid trauma: the extermination of families in rural areas



  • A virus spreading in rural areas
  • Whole families fall to Covid
  • 30 deaths in 3 weeks in Basi village
  • The government is different, the reality is different

Bengaluru: The coronavirus The infection is now reaching the countryside and the countryside. The status of cities now Rural Also encountered on the side. But the situation is worsening in villages where there is no hospital and infrastructure.

Most people are infected with Covid in Bassi, a village in Uttar Pradesh, 1.5 hours away from the country’s capital, Delhi. There are 5,400 people in this village, one-third of whom are affected by Covid. In the past three weeks, 30 people have lost their lives.

Any in Basi village Health There are no central facilities. As far as doctors and oxygen facilities are concerned. In some villages in India, there are telecommunication facilities and the development of communication on social networking sites. But there is no social network in the village! Thus they are distracted without knowing who to ask for help.

“Most of the deaths in the village have been caused by lack of oxygen,” says Sanjeev Kumar, a farmer leader. ‘The sick are going to the district center. Those who are still seriously ill have to travel for more hours, ”he explained.

This is not only a village called Basi. This is the case in villages all over the country. In some cases, the whole family is the victim of the family. The farmland is in ruins as there are no laborers.

The crisis rate is higher than government figures. People are afraid to leave home despite the flu in the villages. Bloomberg reports that local authorities are failing to adequately document Covid’s deaths and cases.

The same is true in Karnataka. It was confirmed that Covid had arrived in Kollikoppa, a village of 75 people. The entire village was sealed down.

There has been an election in Basi village recently for the selection of village chiefs. Covid will bring in many people who worked on it. The 59-year-old Kumarzain Nain, who was infected, had trouble breathing. He was rushed to a nearby hospital without oxygen and an ambulance. ‘When we reached the hospital, the doctors declared that they had died. Rather than calling it Covid’s death, the report listed it as a heart attack. The doctors said that since my father was already dead, there was no need to check if he was Covid positive, ” said Nain’s son Praveen Kumar.

Pravin Kumar’s elder brother died in another clinic 30 minutes after his father died. Six other people lost their lives when oxygen was linked to them. Praveen Kumar expressed outrage that the government is aware of the spread of the virus and the spread of the virus, but that an election is a criminal act.


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