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Covid vaccine Demand Increased in Bengaluru



  • Long line near the vaccine centers
  • Wandering from hospital to hospital for a second dose
  • Locked at noon centers due to vaccine shortage
  • The daily dose is only 48 thousand doses
  • Discontinued covaccine Supply

Bengaluru: As the coronary epidemic rages on in the capital, the number of infected cases and casualties is on the rise. However, there is a shortage of vaccines on demand and people are struggling.

BBMP In all 141 primary health care centers, government hospitals and private hospitals over the age of 45 Vaccine Giving away. There is a shortage of Covid vaccine, not only in government hospitals but also in private hospitals.

People are lining up near the vaccine centers for fear of a second wave of coronavirus infection. However, the vaccine is not available for many hours. Thus, there are scenes of many waiting and returning home.

The covid vaccine is being prepared nationwide from May 1 to the age of 18. However, in Silicon City, the vaccine shortage is severe. Those who received the first dose were hospitalized for the second dose. Currently only the Covshield vaccine is being offered.

The first dose of the company to which the first dose is to be received is the same. However, covaxin vaccine is not being administered. Thus, those receiving the first dose may have to wander to the hospitals for the second dose. The government has repeatedly stated that there is no shortage of covid vaccine. However, the reality is different. Private hospitals have swung BBMP for the vaccine. Similarly, primary health care centers are also demanding more vaccines. However, vaccines are not being supplied by the government to meet demand.

Distribution of the covid vaccine was first initiated for elderly and sufferers. There was no high demand for the vaccine in the early days. However, the vaccine shortage continues to be a problem for thousands of people over the age of 45. Thousands of people who have come for vaccination at almost all centers are returning.

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Vaccine distribution only with registrants: Prior to this, the number of people who visited the center and registered themselves with the vaccine was increasing. The vaccine is currently being given only to those who register with the covin portal and go to the centers. Demand for the covid vaccine has doubled over the past few weeks.

Most centers are closing by midday due to the covid vaccine. Vaccines are being delivered day after day to some primary health centers. These primary centers are also required to provide vaccines to their private hospitals. However, government-sponsored vaccines are not enough for government hospitals and primary health care centers.

Thus, private hospitals are unable to provide vaccines. A in the policy range. Of the 155 private hospitals and 198 government hospitals, only 15,188 were vaccinated on the 25th. Private hospitals have vaccinated 892 people.

150 vaccines in each center: “The covid vaccine is not supplied by demand from the central and state government. Thus, the problem is. Thousands are returning home without getting the vaccine. Each is given a 0.5 mL vaccine, and 10 people can be vaccinated in a 5 mL bottle. However, only 200-250 doses of vaccine are provided to primary care centers. Private hospitals have to be paid for this as well, ”a policy official said.

‘Token system for delivery of covid vaccine in hospitals. However, not enough vaccines are supplied. Dasappa asked the hospital officer about the matter and pointed to the state government. Most of the vaccine is emptying by midday. Thus, the queue will be sent back to those who are waiting in line. ”



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