Cowin data error

Cowin data error, 4 digit security code to prevent Cowin data entry error.



  • The new system will be in effect from Saturday
  • Apply to those who have time to vaccinate online
  • The use of a four-digit security code in the wake of exploiting a bug in Cowin

Bengaluru News: Despite the public not going to get the vaccine after the public has booked a slot in Cowin for the vaccination of coronavirus vaccine, the message has come to many. The central government has come forward to use the four-digit safety code (OTP) in the wake of allegations that Cowin is exploiting this flaw and not getting the vaccine that qualified and needy people are getting.

The Union Ministry of Health has issued a notification, which will be implemented from Saturday. Under this, it is compulsory for the public to report the 4-digit code in advance of the nurse or staff after the coroner receives the vaccine at a vaccine center/hospital. The vaccine centers say that only those who have this code have been vaccinated Cowin Must be confirmed on the website. It said that this would be possible by entering the code provided by the vaccine provider.

Although the eligible public who previously booked the slot did not receive the vaccine, others were getting the vaccine using their mobile number. The ministry said the code was helpful in correcting this error.

Carry the phone

It is also mandatory for vaccine recipients to carry their phones with registered mobile numbers to hospitals. An SMS with a pre-approved code has to be shown to the nurse after vaccination. Then another SMS from the Cowin website will be sent to the concerned person about the vaccine guarantee. The vaccination process will be completed. The ministry advised that nurses/vaccines should be placed in the care of the vaccine center immediately if the SMS is not confirmed.

Dose gap increase?

A panel of government experts has seriously considered widening the gap between the two doses, as international studies report that the duration of the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine is likely to increase. There are plans to increase the duration between the two doses of the ‘Covishield’ vaccine, which is mainly given in large quantities across the country. The government has announced a six-week gap between the two doses. The government is likely to announce it next week by increasing it to 10-12 weeks, sources said.

A study published in The Lancet Medical Journal last March found that the effective dose of covalent shielding between two doses of 12 weeks was 81.3%. During the same six weeks, the vaccine was effective at only 55.1%. Similarly, in a trial in Britain, Brazil, a vaccine was reported to effectively fight the virus in 90% of those who received a full dose of a half-dose vaccine and then a 30-day interval.

Reduce stress

Increasing the duration between two doses of the vaccine will reduce the current pressure on vaccine manufacturers. Experts estimate that online booking will also reduce the risk of stuttering in vaccine centers. It is thought that allegations of lack of essential vaccines will be avoided.

On the other hand, due to the increase in duration, the first doses could make more people in the country. Vaccines currently available to 18-45-year-olds will be available soon. Experts estimate that a massive increase in the number of people who are vaccinated by next month will help develop disease resistance. The Korean Disease Control Agency (KDCA) has also studied the effectiveness of the vaccine by increasing the gap between doses.



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