DCM Ashwath Narayan: South Korea Medical Assistance in Covid Maintenance

DCM Ashwath Narayan: South Korea Medical Assistance in Covid Maintenance



  • Covid harness assistance from Seoul Semiconductor, South Korea
  • DCM Ashwath Narayan thanked the company for its assistance
  • DCM is the President of the State Covid Task Force

Bengaluru News: South Korea The Seoul Semiconductor Company based in Bangalore has provided free medical equipment to manage the Covid situation in Bangalore.

The Deputy Chief Minister of the state Covid Task Force was inaugurated on Friday C. N.N. The Ashwath Narayan Company officials, who met him, symbolically handed over some goods.

Speaking on this occasion DCM”Private companies are happy to be involved in this fight to combat Covid.” To this end, Seoul Semiconductor Company has provided 30,000 K-94 Mask, 20,000 Medical Gloss, 2,500 Air Processing Equipment, and 100 PPE Kits for use in West Bengal.

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The virtual meeting was attended by the company’s CEO, Chung Hoon Lee. The Indian Vice President of the company was Arshi Krishnachar. The company was founded by the Bangalore Trust Trust. For this reason, DCM thanked Dr. Ravishankar and Dr. PN Govinda Rajulu, the Chairman of the Trust who were present. According to the company itself, the cost of these products will be around Rs 7 crore.


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