DCM Ashwaththanarayana

DCM Ashwaththanarayana talks with MS Ramaiah Hospital for oxygen and beds



  • Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Ashwaththa Narayana on Thursday visited MS Ramaiah Hospital
  • Deputy Chief Minister who received information on ventilators, oxygen beds, remediator, oxygen, and other factors
  • Request to increase the number of oxygen beds

Bengaluru: Visiting the MS Ramaiah Hospital, one of the city’s premier hospitals, on Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. CNN Ashwattanarayana examined the arrangements covid had made in the wake of the second wave.

He received information from senior doctors at the hospital about ventilators, oxygen beds, remediators, oxygen, and other factors.

The hospital’s president, MR Jayaram, chief operating officer MR. DCM, in consultation with Srinivas Murthy, requested to increase the oxygen beds. They both responded positively.

Speaking to reporters later, he said covid was not only the second wave. Be prepared to face any medical challenge that may arise. To that end, large amounts of oxygen beds should be kept. The entire medical system must be 24/7 alert. Ms. Ramaiah Hospital administration responded positively to the government’s request.

Some medical colleges and private hospitals have beds, but no oxygen beds. All we need are beds with oxygen. Emergency cases don’t have the benefit of a large hospital if it doesn’t have oxygen. We need to provide facilities to such hospitals and get those beds into government custody. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the government would take all measures in this regard.

No staff shortage:
There should be no shortage of staff, be it government or private, any hospital or medical college. Enjoy the service of students who are in their final year. They should be guided by an expert doctor. Dr. Ashwatthanarayana said the government is ready to allow it in the law.

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Devishetti has provided many effective suggestions for the prevention of covid. Responding to a question, he said that the government was quick to implement those suggestions.

Consultation with Doctors
In consultation with doctors and other senior officials of Malleshwar, he insisted that the health care of the infected should be treated at the earliest stage without any cause.

There should be no defect in the medical facility for the infected. The DCM instructed that everything should be systematic in terms of testing, resolution, and treatment.



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