DCM Ashwattha Narayana inquires about well-being of victims

DCM Ashwattha Narayana inquires about well-being of victims

DCM Ashwatha Narayana inquires about well-being of victims


  • Measures to establish new OPD at KC General Hospital
  • DCM Information on PM Appreciation for Nurse at Mann Ki Bath
  • Ashwaththanarayana promised to alleviate bed shortage

Bangalore: Deputy Chief Minister Dr. C. N. Ashwaththanarayana visited KC General Hospital’s Kovidi treatment unit on Sunday morning to inquire about the well-being of the infected.

Bengaluru Central MP C. He came to the hospital with Mohan and spoke to the infected people wearing a PPA kit. He received information with them about treatment. Ward checked out that Mohan was also wearing a PPE kit.

He went inside the newly installed modular Kovid ICU units in the hospital premises and reviewed the system.

Another at KC General OPD: KC General Hospital has more specialist doctors on duty and excellent facilities. The government has decided to open another large outpatient unit (OPD) here DCM Said.

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PM Appreciates Nurse At Man Ki Bath: The name of the nurse Surekha, who is in charge of the hospital, was proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his popular ‘Man Ki Bathi’ speech. This is a very nice thing. They have government appreciation. The deputy chief minister said all doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of the hospital were busy putting their lives on hold. Also Read This: Akshay Kumar Donates 1 Cr.

Bed shortage: There is no shortage of beds for Kovid infected people in Bangalore. That’s not saying no. But, every kind of effort is being made to solve that problem. Dr Ashwatthanarayana replied to a question, “Whoever does not get a bed, whoever comes to the KC General Hospital, has been checked and treated well.”

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The hospital has 450 beds. It’s not enough, but at least 2,000 people a day need to be treated. He said they were making the necessary effort to come to OPD and be treated as a home quarantine at home. Giving good medicine. The deputy chief minister said that those who have symptoms do not need to be hospitalized.

Remedisvir is not lacking: The shortage of Remedisvir in the state is increasing. More than 150,000 Remedysvir have been distributed to the state of Wales by the central government today. No longer a shortage, it will be given to those in need. “All necessary action has been taken,” he said.

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