DK Shivakumar

DK Shivakumar, No need to celebrate election victory in distress.



  • We need to focus on saving people’s lives
  • Whatever the outcome, there should be no celebration
  • “We welcome the verdict of the voters,” he said

Bengaluru: “We must focus on saving the lives of our people during the hardship of Covid. Thus Election Whatever the outcome may be, we will Celebration Don’t do it, ”KPCC President DK Shivakumar calls.

Responding to the media at Sadashivanagar Residency on Sunday, Muskie said the results of the by-elections in the Basavakalyana Assembly constituency and the Belgaum Lok Sabha constituency, said: Both defeat and victory must be acknowledged. It is a rule of democracy.

The first thing I appeal to in this case is that Musky has won by far the largest in the Assembly. What we have won is a different matter. Now no one can celebrate. My humble request is that the Covid Guidelines adhere to what DK Shivakumar Has said.

We have strict directives from the Election Commission. Violate but file a case against us. File your case. “There should be no celebration in Musci or in any other part of the state,” DK Shivakumar said.

Last time we lost by 4 lakh votes. This time it is very close, and it shows that people are wanting change at the state and national level. I would like to congratulate the party workers, leaders, and leaders during the election. “I thank the voters before them,” DK Shivakumar said.

Let’s do the analysis then. But this time there is no need to celebrate with the results of other states. No one should go to the party office. I have notified the candidate, the district president. We have postponed the election. But did not listen. The effect is the construction of this condition. Let’s analyze what the outcome is. First, let’s save the lives of our people DK Shivakumar Has called.

In West Bengal, using the powers and authorities of the entire country, the elections were conducted in eight stages, and the people who were angry with the girl’s daughter, have got this result. DK Shivakumar has responded to the West Bengal election results by saying that they are prostrations.



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