Election Commission banned

Election Commission banned from celebrating May 2!



  • This is the result of the assembly elections of five states on May 2.
  • Result of three Karnataka Assembly and one Lok Sabha by-election.
  • Central Election Commission banned the march of victory on Result day.
  • Decision in the wake of increasing coronavirus infection case.
  • Commission to cut down on election results

NEW DELHI: In a major development, the five-member state assembly elections and the Karnataka by-elections will be announced on May 2 (Sunday). Election Commissio Has argued.

The Central Election Commission, which has issued a directive in this regard, has made it clear that there will be no victory march.

Growing up in the country The corona virus The Election Commission said the decision was taken in view of the cases of infection.

Political parties and candidates cannot march in any form of victory during the vote count and after the result is announced. The Election Commission said that supporters of candidates cannot join the polling booth.

The Election Commission has issued a significant order not to hold a victory parade on May 2, just days after the Madras High Court ruled that the second wave of coronavirus in India was on the rise.

Despite the increasing prevalence of coronavirus infections, there was strong opposition to the Election Commission’s action in five states.

On May 2, the results of the Assembly elections of West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Ouachcheri and Tamil Nadu will be announced and the by-election results of three Assembly constituencies and one Lok Sabha constituency in Karnataka will be announced.



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