Facebook, Twitter, Instagram going to ban in India.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram going to ban in India.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram going to ban in India? Is Facebook is going to ban in India? Why is Facebook getting banned? Which social media apps are going to ban in India?

Sources said that apart from the Indian company ‘Koo‘, no other major social media platforms (with more than 50 lakh users) have followed the new IT rules.

The number of social media users in India is high. Indian’s accounts on giant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms are slightly higher than in other countries. But now it is being said that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be blocked in India.

Yes, the government will receive reports to check if the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have complied with the new intermediary guidelines correctly, government sources said.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT) issued a three-month deadline for all social media platforms to comply with the new IT rules. These rules include the appointment of Compliance Officers, their name and contact address in India, grievance redressal, monitoring of offending content, compliance reporting and removal of offensive material. So far, it has been reported that no company has hired any such officers except one.

These regulations will come into effect on May 26. If social media companies do not follow this, they may lose their status and protection as intermediaries. It is also said that according to the existing laws of India, criminal action can be taken.

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According to the new law, the oversight committee will include members from the Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Information and Broadcasting, Law, Information Technology, Women and Child Development. This committee can voluntarily complain and inquire if any company violates the Code of Conduct. Appoints joint secretary or above grade from the government. They have the authority to withhold information. The Appeal Panel may ask the government-controlled committee if any social media company is found to be violating the law.

However, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media Platforms will be blocked in India by tomorrow.

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