Fraud in the name of supporting orphaned children due to Covid



  • Children who have lost their parents from Covid
  • Donation collection in the name of caring for orphaned children
  • Such children cannot be adopted without government permission

Bengaluru: A few days ago it was reported that there were more calls to the helpline for children whose parents were being hospitalized due to hospitalization and loss of life from Covid. But it is revealed that this situation is leading to illegal activities.

There are posts on social media about people wanting to take care of orphaned orphaned children who have lost their father to Covid. But child rights activists have warned people not to get into such a network of posts.

The state government has appointed IAS officer KP Mohan Raj as nodal officer on May 3 to provide adequate facilities for children who have lost their parents and caregivers during the epidemic.

‘Such messages are becoming a threat to the lives of Covid-orphaned children. Any form of adoption of children that does not go through government media is illegal. Emotional messages and sympathies about the future of children are caught up in this network, ”an activist warned.

Direct adoption of a child is illegal and punishable. Adoption can only be done through a central adoption resource agency.

“Now there are fears of illegal adoption. These children need care and protection. We should not sever any relationship with their family. This is a crisis scenario. Here we see two groups of children. Those who are infected, affected and in need of temporary support, ”said Nina Nayak, former chairperson of the Karnataka State Children’s Rights Commission.

The Department of Child Welfare has received applications from many families who have a desire to look after such children in an orphanage. However, the Commission has decided to take a stand to check the eligibility of such groups and NGOs in cases where some of these children need orphanages, says an integrated child protection service officer at the Department of Women and Child Welfare.

False messages are being circulated on social networks claiming children are being adopted by parents who lost their parents due to the Covid epidemic. The department has noticed that donations for such children are being collected. The ICPS statement said that any such case should be made public by the 1908 child helpline or child welfare committee.



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