Free Vaccine in Bengaluru: Continuous Service In Hanumanthanagar

Free Vaccine in Bengaluru: Continuous Service In Hanumanthanagar



  • No coronavirus drought in Hanumanthanagar ward
  • Coronavirus is being given daily to 80 people
  • Selfless service by the BJP team to reach out to the vaccine everyone

Bengaluru News: A vaccination campaign has begun in the country to eliminate Corona. Vaccines are being offered in all states. Initially, people were hesitant to get the vaccine, and people are now getting vaccinated.

In the meantime, a team in Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore, is constantly working to get everyone in their ward vaccinated. Yes, senior BJP leader S Ananthakumar and BJP president of Hanumanthanagar ward Jayaram (Raju) Rajesh, Madhusudhan, and Purushottama have been working on getting the vaccine adequately for the past few weeks.

Where is the vaccine?
The team is conducting a routine vaccination program with the Gavipuram BBMP Ward 155 Arogya Kendra Shri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple. From 10 am to 4 pm, people can come and get the vaccine. The vaccine program is being conducted in collaboration with BBMP and is headed by Rizwan Begum, the doctor who spearheaded the vaccine program. Also, Read This: Home Ministry new guidelines for diabetes patients who infected in Covid 19.

Another important issue is that most of the free vaccine is boarded with no stock. But there is no such problem here alone. The vaccine is constantly being administered here. Around 80 people have been given the Covid vaccine, and over 4500 people have taken advantage of it. BJP leader S Ananthakumar and BJP Hanumanthanagar ward president Jayaram (Raju) Rajesh, Madhusudhan, and Purushottam are doing their best to bring people here from their wards and elsewhere.

Also, their team responds to water, food, and any health issues that come to them. This team is saying that we are vaccinated from any corner of Bangalore. Bringing an Aadhaar card and phone is enough. Those who wish to vaccinate are requested to call this telephone number. (S. Anantakumar 9481788767)


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