Govinda helps Salman Khan’s war-torn KRK

Govinda helps Salman Khan’s war-torn KRK


Actor Salman Khan’s mudslinging career. Kamal R Khan shouted just days ago that his life would be destroyed.

Look at Kamal R Khan’s pledge. But it is now doubtful whether Kamal R Khan is helping Salman Khan’s ex-boyfriend.

Yes, Kamal R Khan has now thanked a man on Twitter who has pledged to share the life of Salman Khan with mud. That tweet has raised suspicions about Salman Khan’s boyfriend Govinda.

After tweeting about Salman, Kamal R Khan said, ‘Thank you Govinda Bhai for your love and support. I will not be fooled by your expectations. The tweet has raised doubts about whether actor Govinda is helping Kamal R Khan in a war against Salman Khan.

By then, Kamal R Khan had given a critique of Salman’s acting ‘Radhe’. When reviewing, Radhe said that cinema is the worst. KRK, who was in tears while reviewing, I still have half a movie to pee. I’m afraid right now. I go home, take pills, and rest for two days.

Furious, Salman Khan filed a defamation suit against Kamal R Khan. In return, Kamal R Khan, who has vowed on Twitter, has said, “I will share Salman Khan’s career.”

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Is Govinda helping Kamaal R Khan to battle against Salman Khan Kamaal R Khan tweeted thanking Govinda for his support


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