Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar

Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar, 400 crores as part of free vaccine.



  • The government’s decision to grant a free vaccine to persons over the age of 18 is significant
  • Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar in a press conference
  • 75% of beds of private hospitals to be provided with covid treatment

Bangalore: The state government has made a significant decision for those over 18 years of age Free Vaccine Has announced. 400 crore has been earmarked as part of the free vaccine. The Minister said that the vaccine is the ultimate vaccine for the infection. K. Sudhakar said.

Speaking at a news conference held on Monday. Meeting with heads of private hospitals. Previously it was suggested to provide 50 per cent of normal beds, ICU and ventilator bed. A total of 4500 beds were to be provided. They have just given 3500 beds. No more than a thousand beds. He further said that it is strictly mandated to provide 75 per cent bed.

After the second wave, the third, fourth wave may come. It is necessary to vaccinate everyone over the age of 18 to prevent it. We will get 75% of the beds from private hospitals very soon. It is also advised to enroll in hospitals. Officers have been assigned to monitor bed arrangements in private hospitals. Why is there a problem with all this? That was upsetting.

The second wave is five times more infected than the first wave. For real patients, oxygen, ventilator, ICU is not a problem. About 50 per cent of the cases are infected with non-infectious diseases. Many people have negative feelings in RTPCR. Positive biopsy on CT scan. All hospitals have been instructed in this connection

Positive patients undergoing a CT scan are free treatment in government hospitals. 28 crores has been earmarked for 1.93 lakh Remedicivir Vials. A 250HV mattress is scheduled to be installed in Victoria and Bowring, Bangalore. Medical kit for euro patients at home. Corona is not a severe form of infection. Some will become serious. There is a death rate of more than .05%. This has brought us solace. There is a tight restriction for fifteen days. Dr Mathrubhumi said it was mandatory. K. Sudhakar said.

Registration must begin April 28 for a free vaccine. Registration should be modified in Covin Op. The district’s distribution of the vaccine after the vaccine, he said.



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