High Scale for City Scan: Attack on Hospitals in Bengaluru

High Scale for City Scan: Attack on Hospitals in Bengaluru



  • Recommendation for action against hospitals
  • Background of complaints from the public
  • Attack by State X-ray Safety Directorate

Bengaluru News: State X-ray Safety Directorate, District Health, and Family Welfare Team on Private Hospitals Attack Carried out Recommended action against hospitals collecting high rates from patients.

The hospitals in Yelahanka were attacked and scrutinized after complaints were received from the public about higher rates. The state government has decided to use the C.T. 1500 for BPL ration cards and Rs. 2500 for other classes. Has set. Chest X-ray for Rs. Ordered to get only. However, some hospitals are offering higher rates than the scheduled attack.

Sri Ashwini Hospital in Yelahanka is offering a Chest X-ray for Rs. What the bills got was a review of the bills. Also, the AERB did not follow the rules. Similarly, Apoorva Mothers and Child Hospital has a CT scan for Rs 4 to 5 thousand from BPL cardholders, SiteCare Hospital is priced at Rs. Was getting paid. The KK certificate is Chest X-ray for Rs. Was getting.

North City Medicare Center’s AERB license expires. CT scan for QA The test was not even done. The Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, has recommended to the city authorities to take action against all these hospitals under the KPME and National Disaster Management Act. Srinivas said.



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