Infection can increase if ‘unlocked’ at one time: Minister Sudhakar

Infection can increase if ‘unlocked’ at one time: Minister Sudhakar



  • Unlock format decision based on expert advice
  • Action on the advice of the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar

Bengaluru News: Covid infections may increase if all activities are allowed at one time. So, the Chief Minister will discuss and decide on the nature of the lock, said Dr. K Sudhakar, Minister of Health and Medical Education.

Speaking to reporters, the minister said some activities may be restricted and others may be allowed. The Chief Minister will be informed of the suggestion of the Technical Advisory Committee on this. Chief ministers discuss with everyone and decide what unlock should look like. “If the positivity rate is less than 5 percent, less than 5 thousand cases can be unlocked,” he said.

There is no confusion about unlocking. After the decline of the case in Maharashtra, he moved towards UnLock. Sooner or later, the number of cases is declining. The Chief Minister will discuss this. In some countries, the third wave is not a serious problem for children. Aims directors say many children have been given home care. However, the state has taken precautions against children.

There were 2,281 cases of black fungus in the state, 1,948 were treated and 102 were cured, the minister said.

No guilty protection: The other minister had recently complained during a visit to Hubli’s Kims. It was then ordered to investigate on the spot and report. The officials said the report was ready and I will take action as soon as the report is received. There is no question of protecting the guilty. He said serious action would be taken against this.

Geo-fencing technology will be installed in government hospitals and medical colleges as soon as doctors know they are 100 meters away from the hospital. Each hospital ward said that the ICTU is working on the CCTV camera in one hand.

Contribution of oxygen concentrators: Herbalife Nutrition has donated 150 oxygen concentrators for the treatment of corona patients. The company delegates handed over the concentrators to the minister at his residence.


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