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Kangana tweeted: ‘Where is intelligence?’


Actress Kangana Ranaut has become obsessed with responding to all the current phenomena. Kangana, who tweeted about what had happened in the country, has been criticized and sarcastic many times. Kangana, though, has not learned.

There is a shortage of medical oxygen throughout the country. Many Corona patients are dying of oxygen cylinders. Thus, the government and some private companies are working on producing and distributing medical oxygen in equal measure.

Kangana tweeted about the task of producing medical oxygen and this tweet has come under heavy criticism and irony.

  Kangana Ranaut Tweet About Oxygen Plants And Trees Went Viral

“Everyone is building more and more oxygen production plants. Tons of oxygen is obtained by nature and filled with cylinders. How to compensate for that oxygen that is forcibly obtained by nature? How can you compensate for the damage to nature? ‘ Kangana questioned that.

This tweet is often the object of irony. Because, as Kangana knows, medical oxygen is not obtained by nature, it is produced in a medical way. Kangana has learned that the oxygen in nature is infused into the cylinder. This is a misunderstanding.

Kangana’s tweet is not so much that governments that are installing oxygen cylinders for human use should declare a solution to nature. The government must mandate the planting of whoever uses the oxygen cylinder, ”Kangana tweeted.

The reality is that there is no direct correlation to the now escalating oxygen shortage and tree cutting. Patients suffering from oxygen deficiency may not get oxygen if they sleep on a tree that produces oxygen. It is clear that Kangana’s ‘complaints’ about planting the plant have been lacking in the fact that Kangana’s motive for planting was good, but using an oxygen cylinder.

Kangana’s tweet has been criticized by many, and those in social life should retweet information. False tweets mean people are going wrong.


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