Karnataka, central government failures in Covid’s management

Karnataka, central government failures in Covid’s management



  • Narendra Modi not able to vaccinate, let Yeddyurappa resign
  • Declaration of protest by Congress leaders near Gandhi statue in Vidhan Sabha
  • Leaders who shouted: ‘Vaccinate – save lives.

Bengaluru: That state and central governments have failed to address the Covid problem Congress The party alleged. Moreover, the Congress leaders, who are worried that governments have failed to vaccinate, Methodology – Mahatma Gandhiji Statue in front of Vikasana Soudha Protest Carried out.

‘Vaccinate – save lives’ .. Otherwise Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister B.S. Resign Yeddyurappa, ‚ÄĚCongress leaders shouted.

Congress legislative party leader Siddaramaiah, KPCC president DK Senior leaders Ramesh Kumar, Ramalinga Reddy, Krishna Bhairaygowda, and Dr. Sivakumar participated in the protest. G. Parameshwar, M.R. Sitaram, Salim Ahmed, Soumya Reddy, B.K. Hariprasad, former MP VS. Ugrappa, Region Youth Congress President Raksha Ramaiah, and other leaders were involved.

Prior to the protest, a meeting of senior leaders of the party was held at the office of opposition leader Siddaramaiah. Then all the leaders assembled at the Gandhi statue.

Corona The Congress leaders expressed outrage that the government was unable to provide oxygen and a ventilator in times of hardship, and tortured the public by locking down the right package.

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah, who spoke at the time, said there was no vaccine near the government. Yet it is lying that we are vaccinating people over the age of 18. He criticized the government for not vaccinating young people.

The government has failed to control and prevent Covid, and the government has not taken the advice of experts seriously. The second wave is rapidly spreading and hundreds of people are dying. The Center and the state government had been informed that the second wave would hit after the first wave. I liked it.

The government seemed indifferent to the warnings of experts. It is now a weapon of war. Now everything is ready to be done without the proper preparation for the infection. He said the government could not even give the vaccine.

Those who received the first dose are not getting the second dose. The same vaccine should be administered at the second dose to those who receive the Covaccine in the first stage. Siddaramaiah, however, insisted that he did not have Covaccine.

The state and central governments have neglected to make proper arrangements for vaccination. Oxygen, remdesivir, bedding, ventilator, vigilante monitoring were not prepared. The chief secretary of state government is saying that the vaccine will come to the state by the third or fourth week of May. Health Minister says the vaccine will be given in 15 days. Siddaramaiah blamed the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister for giving false information to the people.

On May 2, a series of anaerobic deaths occurred in Chamarajanagar. 28 died. Not only Chamarajanagar, but people across the state are dying. Siddaramaiah blamed the BJP government for all this.


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