Lady doctor arrested

Lady doctor arrested for Coronavirus ‘Home Delivery’


Lady doctor arrested for Coronavirus ‘Home Delivery’


  • A doctor who brought home a vaccine and sold it for money
  • People who get vaccinated standing in a queue
  • Police queuing for a vaccine

Bengaluru News: The BBMP has dismissed a doctor who illegally paid privately-funded Covid vaccine. In addition, the police have arrested the accused and produced them before the court.

What is the case? Bengaluru BBMP leased by Annapoorneshwara Nagar police in western division Doctor The two were arrested. Medical Officer Dr. Manjunatha was working in the city’s primary health center. Pushita (25) and Prema (34), who was working with her, were arrested.

Dr. Paula has not been awarded to eligible beneficiaries in the Ph.D. Pushita, to her residence Prema Vaccine He was taking a dose of 500 rupees in private. Prema was calling her home to get a vaccine.

It is well known that the accused have been involved in the case since Oct. 23. The vaccine was administered at home every day after 4 p.m. People in the queue were getting the vaccine. A carrier, vaccine, and empty bottles (syringes) have been found to keep vaccines in the love house. The investigation of the case continues.

Western Division DCP Sanjeev M Mukherjee said there was a verification of other persons involved in the raid. Patil said. Accused Pushita has been working on a contract basis in the Manjunatha Nagar PHC for the past six months.

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How to get trapped ?: Inspector Lohit of Annapoorneshwari city station in the western section of the city who received illegal vaccination information has gone to Prema’s house on the pretext of routine vaccination. Coveyshield is sure to be vaccinated at this point. A team of police later searched the house and arrested the accused.

Not registered: Vaccine recipients must register online. The vaccine health center is registered before the vaccine is issued. Also, those going directly will be registered. The phone number of the vaccine recipient is obtained. “The preliminary investigation found that all these procedures were not carried out because they were being vaccinated here illegally,” the official said.

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