‘Make in India’ ready to crack Pak drone attack: Amit Shah

‘Make in India’ ready to crack Pak drone attack: Amit Shah

‘Make in India’ ready to crack Pak drone attack: Amit Shah, DRDO is developing a ‘drone resistant missile’ using domestic technology. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the government had given consent to all projects related to research and development.

Bengaluru News: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said that a powerful proxy is being prepared using ‘Make in India’ technology to crack down on enemy drone attacks.

‘Pakistan’s conspiracy is off-limits. The unrest that has taken place has made unrest in the border. Pak, who had previously been a militant, has now resorted to drone attacks. India will not bend to this. DRDO is developing a technology to crush drones before they cross the border. “Soon our borders will be freed of drone strikes.”

Speaking at BSF’s 18th-anniversary celebrations at the Science Hall in Delhi, he said: The DRDO is working to overcome this. ‘Drone Resistance Missile’ is being developed using domestic technology. The government has approved all projects related to research and development.

India and Pakistan are the two countries with the highest border problems. India shares a 6,300 km border with these two countries. The security of the facility is 2.65 lakh, BSF soldiers.

Separate Policy in the Modi Government: In the past, the UPA government did not have a separate status for defense policy. It was mixed with foreign policy. There were serious problems with that. Amit Shah said that Narendra Modi has come up with a separate defense policy for the country since he became Prime Minister.

‘We want peaceful relations with neighboring countries. We know that conflict is impossible to develop. But that does not leave our impatient testers idle. Border protection is our number one priority. We subdue those who threaten sovereignty. Amit Shah warned neighboring countries:

Pakistani militants attack two drone bombs on Srinagar’s Air Base The first bomb smashed the roof of a military building. The second missed the target and exploded on the ground near the army camp. Even after that, the militants tried to attack the drone three times.

This is a Pakistani-based Lashkar-e-Taiba conspiracy that was discovered by Indian investigative agencies. It is also clear that its neighbors are the master planner of the spying agency ISI. After the attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an emergency meeting of senior officials and discussed every action.

Several dignitaries including Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh shared their views on the meeting. Since then, DRDO has embarked on the development of drone immune technology. Senior officials applauded that in just a few weeks it had prepared significant technology for use.

Helicopter delivery in the US: America handed over powerful MH-60R helicopters to India on Saturday. 24 helicopters will be purchased at a total cost of $ 2.4 billion, with two helicopters handed over in the first phase. Designed exclusively for the Navy, these helicopters are capable of full-scale operation. These copters can be used not only for combat but also for search and rescue and communication purposes. It is designed to be customizable.

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