Makeover Shift Hospital at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore

Makeover Shift Hospital at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore: Minister Sudhakar

Makeover Shift Hospital at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore: Minister Sudhakar


  • Health and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar
  • Note on the supply of portable oxygen
  • Make shift prompted hospitalization

Bangalore: Victoria Hospital Minister of Health and Medical Education, Dr. K. Sudhakar said that a preparatory to the make-up of the hospital is being planned.

Speaking to reporters after inspecting the premises in Victoria, he said that the 85-bed in one building on the Victoria campus and 180-bed in the PMSSY will be reserved for the entire Kovid.

Plus 100 to 150 The ICU A hospital with a bed will be built. This will be finalized as soon as possible. He said that this would be the make-shift hospital on the campus of many district medical centers.

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Bangalore will be given portable oxygen for 5,000 and other districts. Such a facility can only be used by those who need oxygen. He said the home caregiver would be guided by the CII.

In private hospitals, 75% of the bed is to be reserved for Kovid. Two to two thousand make-shift hospital will be built in Bangalore. One unit has 200-250 beds. It will be developed on the premises of hospitals. It will be built within 15 days.

MK Patil, who was in trouble, thanked Dr K Sudhakar
300 tonnes of oxygen per day has been increased to 800 tonnes after appealing to the central government. It will be available until April 30th. He demanded more than one lakh rem dzivir and got 1.22 lakh medicines. Also, Read This: DCM Ashwattha Narayana inquires about well-being of victims.

The minister attended a meeting with Union Chemical and Fertilizer Minister DV Sadananda Gowda on the availability of oxygen and rem decivir in the state. The Union Minister told the meeting that the continuous supply of oxygen and medicines needed for the treatment of the infected will be taken up.

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