Mamata Banerjee victory secrets.

Mamata Banerjee victory secrets.



  • What is the reason for TMC’s victory despite the bitter struggle of the BJP?
  • Is Sikta a win for Mamata Didi?
  • Election strategy Prashant Kishore’s strategy is successful

Mamata Banerjee victory secrets. here are six reasons for Mamata’s victory, including direct money transfer, Muslim votes, and women’s votes!

Bengaluru: In West Bengal Mamata Banerjee There are many reasons to keep their power despite the fierce fighting of the BJP. What’s that? Here’s the interesting information on this.

1. CM faceless BJP

Mamata Banerjee did not have a CM candidate in the state BJP. Despite the Trinamool Congress party being accused of corruption, the people of the state have acknowledged Mamata as the best CM candidate. The BJP’s campaign strategy was led by PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

2. Outsiders

Mamata’s fierce Bengali nationalism, which saw Narendra Modi and Amit Shah portrayed as “outsiders” by Gujaratis who ruled Bengal, garnered the most votes.

3. Welfare Program

Many of Mamata’s government-sponsored schemes – mainly Kanyashree and Roopashree – paid for women and gave women votes. Schemes like free rice and ration have come to fruition.

4. CPM-Congress vote bank

The Trinamool vote share in the state has gone up from 43 to 49% in the past. The BJP’s vote share dropped from 40 to 37 votes. Mamata’s vote has risen by 6%, and the Muslim vote, which last time stood with the CPM-Congress alliance, is sure to fall in the corner. Mamata’s aggressive campaign against the CAA Act has benefited here.

5. Polarization

While the politics of polarization has benefited the BJP somewhat, it has largely benefited the Trinamool. If the BJP succeeds in attracting the votes of Hindus and expatriate Hindus concentrated in some parts of Bengal, the Muslim vote will go to the Trinamool.

6. PK Promotional Strategy

The Trinamool embarked on a number of strategies in the campaign arena, including stopping new faces Prashant Kishore His versatility has given Mamata enough strength.



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