Modi-Biden talks

Modi-Biden talks: Commitment to corporate struggle against Corona!



  • Telephone conversation between PM Modi-Jo Biden
  • Consent to the corporate fight against coronavirus.
  • Joe Biden says India is ready to provide medical assistance.
  • Prime Minister Modi welcomed US decision to help India

New Delhi: The corona virus The US has offered medical aid to India in its fight against India.

Meanwhile, in a telephone conversation between the Prime Minister of India and US President Joe Biden, Biden has reiterated that he is ready to give India the support it needs.

Prime Minister Modi described the talks with US President Joe Biden as “fruitful”.

We shared information on Covid conditions in India-America. Prime Minister Modi tweeted: “I thank Joe Biden, who has made a declaration of assistance to India.

Only global solidarity can win the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi has said that India-US cooperation with each other is a guarantee of further global cohesion.

Joe Biden, who now supports Prime Minister Modi’s words, said: “In times of hardship, we stand firm with our friends. It is said that they hope to work together to achieve mutual success.

The US has promised to send raw materials needed to produce additional inventory of the Cowshield vaccine and promise to ship other medical equipment, including ventilators.



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