Monsoon on June 3

Monsoon on June 3: Which area gets more rain this year?



  • Monsoon winds (monsoon) will reach the Kerala coast by June 3
  • Information in the latest forecast report from the Indian Meteorological Department
  • Regular rainfall in Northern and Eastern India this year

Bengaluru News: The Monsoon Winds (Monsoon) will reach the Kerala coast by June 3IMD) Forecast.

“According to the latest weather forecasts, the south-west monsoon winds have strengthened, resulting in increased rainfall activity in Kerala.

More rain for which part?
Southwest monsoon winds will bring normal rain in northern and southern India. The Met Department forecasts more rainfall than usual in central India and less than normal in eastern and northeastern India.

India’s Meteorological Department (IMD) Director General Mritunjay Mohapatra has released the second long-term forecast for 2021. As usual this year Monsoon Rain It will be.

This is between 96-104 percent of the long-term average (LPA). During the southwest monsoon season (June – September) there will be normal rainfall in the entire country. Nationwide Mritunjay Mohapatra said 101 percent of the monsoon is likely to occur.

The average rainfall across the country during the period 1961-2010 was 88 cm. There was.


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