MS Dhoni's fitness and gym know?

MS Dhoni’s fitness and gym know?


There are many reasons for MS Dhoni to be named Captain Cool, but his healthy lifestyle has had a positive impact on him. Success in life requires perfect perseverance and dedication, and MS Dhoni is one of the best living examples of this.

Dhoni has always made sports a part of his life since he was a child. He started playing football and badminton at a young age before he devoted his time to cricket. So fitness and exercise have always been a part of their lives.

Very quiet during matches

The entire cricket team arrives at the gym for pre-match practice and exercise for approximately 4 hours before any match. This rehearsal begins with basic exercises such as simple jerks and movement. The four-hour period is divided into batting, bowling and fielding practice for different types of players.


Regardless of any game, successive practice is very important for success. For the same reason, Dhoni is very good in his game and very quiet during matches. He shared his impressions, “I am always calm during times of stress, and practice gives you confidence in what to do under stress.

You may not win ten games in ten games, but if you practice the right way, and you have encountered situations like this for some time, you know how to get out of it.

Come on, let’s talk about his exercise habits

Along with their regular match rehearsals, they devote 1-2 hours a day to the gym. He shared details of his workout routines with his fans via social media.

  • Lunges with dumbbells
  • Machine Chest Press
  • V Grip pull down
  • Dumbbell Chest Press
  • Lateral pull-down
  • Dumbbell Rowing
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • One leg deadlifts
  • Reverse lunges


vk dhoni

Dhoni also serves ordinary Indian food as part of his meal. Instead of trying to dissolve fats from fried foods and ready-to-eat foods, they strongly believe that eating a healthy diet and maintaining good health is the key to maintaining good body shape.

If bodybuilding is important, you should first stop eating unhealthy foods, not to be attracted to them.

Balancing all the nutrients in your meal is very important. Lack of high protein and carbohydrates is bad. Your diet should contain every nutrient in regular quantities.

Eat a calcium-rich diet

Carbohydrates give you energy to work and proteins help you build your muscles. Still, you should avoid as much as possible from unhealthy fats. Fresh fruits and salad are a must in our day meal. They have maximum nutrients in them.

These can help keep your body strong and energetic throughout the day. Also, milk and milk products are an excellent source of calcium and should be consumed in sufficient quantities on a daily basis.

Take a look at Dhoni‘s daily diet

  • Breakfast: cereal dish, porridge, fresh fruits and dried nuts, eggs, milk and fruit juices
  • Exercise pre-snack: Protein shake or fresh fruit juice
  • Lunch: Protein-rich foods that include poultry, pulses, vegetables, rice, chapati, yogurt and salad
  • Evening snack: Chicken sandwich and yogurt, fresh fruit juice

Remember, don’t eat anything unnecessary between two major meals during the day. This is a very unhealthy practice. Doing so will give your body unnecessary calories. This risk can be easily avoided by quitting this habit.

If you are really hungry, eat some fresh fruit or fresh milk and they will make you feel full and belly in a short time.



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